Finally, the Himalaya. After one month in Kathmandu, Carlo, my flatmate in London and long time friend, came to visit me and the whole Nepal. Was time to hit the road. Then climb to the roof of the world. We couldn’t reach the Annapurna Base Camp, dipped in the Annapurna Sanctuary, due to too much snow. We arrived at 3800mt, at the Machhapuchchhre Base Camp. Along the way we met Becky, and other passionate travellers, which we stopped with at some beautiful hot springs in the surroundings.


I said travellers, not tourists. The tourist mostly follows beaten tracks, and knows what is gonna find on his ways. Long life to travellers.

off-road bus


the vale awakes



where the eagles fly

rolling stones

that's the way



smashing the rocks



Modi Khola valley

holy fish tail

Photo:Matteo Fabi


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