Lumbini: the day of the earthquake

The day Nepal shook, I was in Lumbini, about 150km south-west of Kathmandu. I moved from the capital the day before. I was there to take shots of another enchanting corner of Nepal. Going from temple to temple, on a bike, in the open countryside, I felt, and weakly, just the first shock. A call to the people I know over there: scared voices, but reassuring words from them. Then, as planned, I left the morning after to India. Three buses, for almost 48 hour ride, and just 3 of pause in between them. My devices quickly ran out of batteries, and I was cut off. I just could see some footages at a gasoline station, and talk a little with people. Today I arrived in Dharamsala, state of Himachal Pradesh, India. And reconnecting my devices, I found out the extent of the tragedy. I’m going to share with you just part of the picture I prepared for this post, because photography and writing are the best way I feel to express emotions. It was a gray day in Lumbini. A dark day, for the whole Nepal.







Matteo Fabi


7 thoughts on “Lumbini: the day of the earthquake

  1. Thank you for the beautiful fotos,Lumbini is a very holy place,I am very greatful that the earth quake there seems not to have been devestating.Om ManiPedme Hung -Nepal

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    1. Yes, thinking about all the others ancient treasures which I witnessed, and now are lost, I feel very sad. And don’t let me fall in rhetoric talking about people.


  2. Buddha’s birth place is one of the 4 noble places where that noble bud of human born to direct the ignorant beings to reach supreme bliss of nirvana. It cannot be totally distructed by any mean. The earth know the truth!!!!!!!!!

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