On the way towards my shores in the deep south, I took the chance of visiting another city which represents a piece of heart for us, and where both spent a period of life: Milano, capital of fashion, fine architecture, finance and rainy skies.  Even more, I bumped into an open contest organized by Italia Photo Marathon. There could have been a better way to follow  once again the paths of the early years of university? Everything started, as often happened, from Milano Stazione Centrale. The choice was not casual, because I have known of the migrants stuck here for days, trying to reach the North of Europe from the North of Africa through our coasts. I found volunteer and members of the local community distributing food, to people waiting for their faith.

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The brand new financial headquarter of Milano Porta Garibaldi represents the part of the city which is changed, with its skyscrapers shining as stainless steel against the gloomy sky.












The colorful street life, as in the Chinatown of Via Paolo Sarpi, represents the side I better know,

and, I hope, is never going to change.






During my visit, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting the EXPO 2015.

Photo: Matteo Fabi


7 thoughts on “Milano

    1. Thanks Mallee! The situation is not the easiest all over Italy about the issue of migrations, but at Milano Central Station I witnessed an encouraging reaction of residents and municipality.

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  1. I love the side of the city you captured. Your composition is amazing and makes me feel like I am standing within this vibrant city experiencing these wonderful happenstances along with you.


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