EXPO 2015

During my stay in Milano, I caught the chance of visiting the Expo 2015. As everything connected to politics in Italy, the event has been the topic of a fierce debate through the last years, with some sites under construction until the last moment, delays, and a corruption scandal.  I was really curious to see how my country dealt with hosting the world’s fair. The Thailand was probably in charge of the weather, since, in the middle of June, my visit has been blessed by a typical monsoon rain.

















The Tree of Life, a 37mt height structure designed by Marco Balich, dominates the Cardo. Inspired to the Reinessance, it hosts every evening a stunning water-play show, music and fireworks included.


Photo and Video: Matteo Fabi


3 thoughts on “EXPO 2015

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  2. What a fun event to have in your city. I remember when Expo came to a city I once lived in and I lost count of how many times I went. The event seemed to liven up the town. Perhaps you’ll visit many times too.
    What made the memory even better was, that once Expo was over, the rainforest walk and Tibetan pagoda remained, and in place of the other displays, they built a waterfront walkway along the river, a sandy wading pool and swimming pool as well as many restaurants to create something everyone can still enjoy today. Hopefully, afterwards, the site will be turned into something similar.


    1. I actually wondered what is going to be of the site. I can tell you is already next to Fieramilano, a huge fairground designed by Massimiliano Fuksas. I hope they are going to make the most of it!

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