Pit Stop: Vieste and Peschici

The university is closed, the exams are gone: it’s time for summer break. I quickly pack up, grab the camera  and head to one of the many stunning corners of Puglia: the Gargano National Park. Avoiding the highway, we decided to slow down and travel coast-by-coast.

We mean to camp overnight on the shores, but the first stop is Vieste, a coastal town many times awarded with the Blue Flag for its crystal blue water. It is not designed for partygoers.

Relax is the main theme, and this is the attitude we set our mind on, just wandering throughout the old city, admiring the trabuccos, eventually picking up glasses of wine.

DSC_3190DSC_3197 DSC_3200 DSC_3211 DSC_3204DSC_3201 DSC_3212 DSC_3215

Climbing the cliffs along curvy roads, the day after we moved to another tiny port, Peschici. Surprisingly, there were a really few people laying on the wide beaches.

We honestly like when there’s nothing contrasting with the blue sky, the turquoise sea and the white sand.

DSC_3221 DSC_3223 DSC_3225

IMG-20150719-WA0005 IMG-20150719-WA0004 IMG-20150719-WA0003

On the way back home, we came by the highest point of  Gargano, Monte Sant’ Angelo, where we bumped into a silent procession of people. We found out they were celebrating the religious festivity for the “Madonna del Carmine” (Our Lady of Mount Carmel), whose statue is taken all around the town.

DSC_3257IMG-20150719-WA0009 DSC_3319DSC_3317 DSC_3259 DSC_3264 DSC_3376   Photo: Enrico Fabi


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