Baresan Graffiti

How many times we complain how gray cities are?  However, the most of us doesn’t go further than putting a cactus out of the balcony. It doesn’t  even need water.

Honestly, Bari doesn’t seem to be designed by Frank Gehry, but there’s a kind of art which was born down the streets, dedicated to the streets: Graffiti. And Bari has got his own ones.

#DSC_3823 #DSC_3834 #DSC_3840 #DSC_3843 #DSC_3844 #DSC_3847 #DSC_3849 #DSC_3875 #DSC_3877 #DSC_3878 #DSC_3893

A special mention is deserved by the guys of Pigment, who, with the project Real Estate, planted the seeds of colour in the harsh land we come from, especially in the rough suburb of Enziteto.

#DSC_3884 #DSC_3888 #DSC_3891 #DSC_3897 #DSC_3905

Photo: Matteo Fabi


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