Passionate, bustling, ignited by an invisible electricity which runs from a living being to another, Madrid is probably the city you’d like to live in. You just don’t know yet. I wasn’t at my first, but this time I breathed the city much more. I had to write a lot along the two weeks, so the spare time had to be brief and intense. Anyway, before my arrive, I decided to attempt a little “social experiment”: I booked the one way flight, and only the first night in a hostel. Nothing more. The city showed her soul at the first touch. She’s not shy at all, she wants to astound, she wants you to be part of the endless flamenco she dances. I’ve been carried away by the sense of human warmth, easy living and cheerful self-mockery, and I completely surrendered to it.

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Leaden sky? No pasa nada, especially on Saturday; even though, to be honest, every day seems Saturday. You can begin with a quiet walk through the Buen Retiro Park shooting at exotic animals, and end up in Sol among bizarre human beings. Big roads are for cars, you must get lost throughout the alleys. Here colors and noises explode, and then blend with tastes and scents. Here you have the kaleidoscopic Madrid.

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Night out. The dawn comes easily. You might find some rest, somewhere, on someone’s couch, or some other’ s bed. Madrid will be there as you wake up. She never sleeps.
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Photography: Matteo Fabi


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