La Corrida

First: this is a blood-free post

La Corrida has been always on the bucket list of the folk experiences I had to witness in my life. Spain and its costumes are quite fascinating. During my stay in Madrid, I had the chance to spend a weekend in Mondéjar, province of Guadalajara. Here, I’ve been finally invited by my good friend Josel and his mates en la plaza de toros. There’s a lot of criticism around the Tauromachy at the moment, due to the bloodshed in the allegedly “useless” practice of killing a bull for entertainment. I was curious to see the effect of this sight on me. My way of life is to try things on my own skin.

Most of the thousand citizens of Mondejar go to the Plaza. From infants to elders, a brook of people flows into the amphitheatre. It’s a sunny and hot Saturday afternoon, late September. You can notice the most displaying the T-shirt of the Peñas they belong toThe characters abound.

#_ZRT0098 #_ZRT0110 #_ZRT0302#_ZRT0086#_ZRT0327#_ZRT0362#_ZRT0134

The toreros are ready. The bull is freed.


He fights, foaming and raging in the dust. Though, the moment of the truth seems to come over. He understands the duel is unfair. He was never supposed to win. Is there to die.


In a few minutes, it’s over. Once again, the human being seems to prevail among all the animals.

It is worth? Is it an inhumane practice? Or a bull, after a life probably better than all the cows’ ones, just found the death in an ancient tradition?

I can’t really say. Rarely an answer is the only answer. For sure, it is a unique experience.


Photo and Video: Matteo Fabi


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