Let’s be honest, every time we mention Transylvania, our mind runs straight to the renown  Bram Stoker’s character of Count Dracula and his fellow vampires. We picture in our imagination a land of creepy mountains, where fog dominates and the sun is forgotten, and the crows hover in the leaden sky from a castle to another.

Now, crows and castles abound. Though, the rest is pure fiction, the story of Dracula included. The character is meant to be inspired by Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, better known with his patronymic as Vlad Dracula, or Vlad the Impaler, due to his attitude of impaling his enemies as a memento mori. He was actually considered quite a successful defender of Christianity, and a folk hero.

My tour of Transylvania began in Cluj, a city which oozes culture and art everywhere.

~_ZRT2498 ~_ZRT2553 ~_ZRT2582 ~_ZRT2589~_ZRT2600 ~_ZRT2631 ~_ZRT2657 ~_ZRT2691 ~_ZRT2700

The second stop was the town of Sighișoara, a little gem with colorful houses and a very characteristic atmosphere. I usually don’t mention the place where I stay, but Teo and his cellar made the memory of this medieval hamlet truly unforgettable.

~_ZRT2717 ~_ZRT2750 ~_ZRT2754 ~_ZRT2784 ~_ZRT2785 ~_ZRT2786 ~_ZRT2796 ~_ZRT2806

Moving southward, at the village of Buşteni, I finally bumped into the Carpathians mountains, the natural border of this stunning region. Actually, “Transylvania” comes from Latin, and means “the land across the woods”. Wandering among those woods, you can almost feel them alive, like ancient guardians who stood throughout the time preserving  the history, the culture and the myths of this land.

~_ZRT2826 ~_ZRT2856 ~_ZRT2902 ~_ZRT2919~_ZRT2974 ~_ZRT3012 ~_ZRT3058 ~_ZRT3095 ~_ZRT3101 ~_ZRT3102 ~_ZRT3110 ~_ZRT3152

The last stop was Brașov, a ski resort destination which boasts a Hollywood-like sign. I found myself here during a moment of political unrest: a nightclub fire in a Bucharest club prompted large demonstrations, which were followed by the resignation of the PM Victor Ponta. The young man depicted in the following shots stood for several hours, with the sign “Bribe kills, stop corruption“, in the Brasov’s main square, Plata Sfatului. In the background, the “Black Church”.@_ZRT3190@_ZRT3195~_ZRT3162~_ZRT3176

During 2015, we have been exploring several places whose names everybody knows, and which I guess the most have a picture in their mind of. Nepal, India, Kashmir, as much as the secret corners of our magic South of Italy, of London, Spain and, now, Romania.  Sometimes this kind of places just remains a daydream. Our aim is to see them coming real in front of our eyes and cameras, to deliver you an original and unexploited point of view. This is the aim of Blobally: exploring the unexplored.

See you in 2016, and Happy New Year to all the dreaming travelers sailing through the seven seas.

Photography: Matteo Fabi

Special Thanks to T, exquisite guide through this journey

6 thoughts on “Transylvania

  1. When I read your description of how we imagine Transylvania, I couldn’t help think of Burnaby Mountain because it was the main film location for the early X-Files series. Still, foggy and a perfect place to set off a writer’s imagination. Obviously some small part of Transylvania did that for Stoke because the rest, from your photos bares no resemblance to her setting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Certain places really hit the imagination. I checked Burnaby Mountain out, and it really recalls the Canadian open spaces as I picture them in my mind. Now I have come back to London for a period of work and saving, but I hope to set out once again as soon as possible! Perhaps, towards the Americas..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks my friend, you supported us since the beginning, and we find this very meaningful. Every creative seeks inspiration, and it’s simply awesome to be in touch with people on our same tune, and feed each other’s dreams. We wish you a wonderful year too!


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