Brick Lane Market

The last Sunday I woke up with a sudden, striking feeling: I realized that, since I came back to London, I didn’t spend more than a minute with my camera. Thus, I bravely jumped out of bed, and set off towards a classic of Sundays in London: Brick Lane

At the moment I’m living in the West End, Notting Hill precisely. Quite lucky, you’d say. The point is the west side of the British capital is as comfy as a silky pillow, although equally exciting. My palate was watering for some old East taste. And there’s no place as Brick Lane, especially during its display of colorful, kaleidoscopic stalls and bazaar. A universe of reflections.


This is home for the Hipster subculture made in UK. Here, the new-era dandies proudly walk down the streets, like chameleons in a jungle of graffiti and exotic food. Buildings usually empty turn alive as ants’ nests, while some specimens crawl to the basements pursuing new skins.


Every subject, every background oozes shades of colour. If life is a book, East London is no doubts a chapter about comics.


Blobally was born in 2015, but the new year brought a brand new website. The Fabi’s brothers finally move to

Photography: Matteo Fabi


4 thoughts on “Brick Lane Market

  1. This is such like a trip into another universe ~ it has just about everything. Beautiful photography and your words did not disappoint. From London, West End and Notting Hill ~ you brought me back to my visit to this great city so many years ago, and then introduce me to the sights of Brick Lane and the East End, what a world it contains.


    1. I’ve always been living East, before Notting Hill. If I feel a bit London as home after three years, for sure Brick Lane and surroundings are what could be my neighbourhood. I will always remember the time spent around there, and is such a pleasure to share it with you all. London is quite a manifold, surprising place.


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